Each year the International Congregation holds an annual camp called ‘The Getaway’ (previously known as The International Congregation Retreat). During this weekend away, there are activities such as: Worship, Games, Talks, Workshops, Discussion Groups and Testimony Sharing.

It was held this year at Stanwell Tops on the 26th-28th September where we had 57 fellow brothers and sisters participate. The guest speaker was Geoffrey Folland from Campus Crusades for Christ who talked about the theme of ‘Identity’. We explored Romans Chapters 1-8 for the duration of the weekend and were reminded of the fundamentals and foundations of the Christian faith; how we are commanded to share the Gospel with the entire world, and that the sinful nature of all men in the eyes of God are justified by faith in Jesus Christ so that we are free from sin. Young or old, no matter what background or culture we come from, we are all called out of the world to live as children of God. Overall, we had a wonderful time of fellowship and nurture in the understanding of who we are, our relationships, and influences that shape our identity as God’s representatives. If you are interested to know more about The Getaway or want to help out in next year’s The Getaway you can email mec.cbc@gmail.com.