The CENTRAL BAPTIST CHURCH, located in downtown Sydney at 619 George Street, is the first Baptist Church established in Australia and is, accordingly, the ‘Mother Church’ of all Baptist Churches in the country which, in 1999, number approximately 900 located in each of the States and Territories.

The first Minister of the Church in 1836, known then as the BATHURST STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, was Rev. John Saunders who came from England to minister to the new and pledging congregation. It took its name from its geographical location in the City where it remained for the first 100 years of its existence until 1937 when it moved to the present location at 619 George Street.

The Church is affiliated with the Baptist Union (Convention) of New South Wales, the Baptist Union (convention) of Australia and the Baptist World Alliance and exercises an evangelical Bible-based ministry of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Senior Pastor of the Church is Rev. David Y.T. Tse.

The Present

Today in 2015, the Church ministers to Sunday congregations, who meet in five (5) services, totalling approximately 550 and covering all ages. We start our Sunday morning with a Mandarin service and a Cantonese service at 9 am. The Cantonese service has simultaneous translation into English. The 11am service is conducted in English with simultaneous translation into Cantonese. The Easy English service is the latest established service at 4 pm.The 5pm service is conducted similarly to the 9am service.

Following the 11am service each Sunday a fellowship lunch is served to which visitors are welcome guests.

The Church maintains an extensive all-age Christian Education programme on Sunday mornings from 9am with classes conducted in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

The Church is easily accessible by public transport from any part of the City of Sydney and its suburbs and enquiries concerning the Church’s ministry will be gladly received by telephone (9211 1833) or fax (9211 1740). (Phones and faxes from overseas should precede the above numbers with 61 2).