Initially, I approached YG with some fear and trepidation. It had been a number of years since I attended YG as a youth. Of course, a large part of my fear came from being a newly minted blaze leader. I worried about how the youth would treat me in that sort of context, since I didn’t have the benefit of prolonged interactions with them up till that point.

YG proved my fear to be unfounded. Being accepted by the youth and watching them readily accept newcomers was amazing. It was also a privilege to lead Bible study and discussion groups because in the process I also learnt a lot about the Bible, my capabilities and the youth group as well.

Looking back at YG, I think it was like a glimpse of heaven. We had marvellous volunteers; Lawrence, Jo and Debbie. We had tremendously sacrificial senior high schoolers taking precious time away to organise and run games. We had spectacularly talented high schoolers leading us during worship. But for all the talent and time put in, what truly made YG special was that it was a community dedicated to knowing God, glorifying Him and building up each other in our relationship with Jesus.
Many times during the weekend, I heard the sentiment, “if only YG could go on for longer!” Well guys, keep your eyes fixed on heaven.

Praise YHWH for a wonderful YG!