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Cantonese Service9amOnline
Mandarin Service9amOnline
International Service11amOnline
Cantonese Evening Service4:30pmOnline



宣召: 張柏遇


詩歌: 奉你的名




讀經: 雅各書3:13-18

講道: 比紅寶石更好


回應詩歌: 陶造我生命




宣召: 王超

祈祷: 王超

诗歌敬拜: 蔡贞贞​



牧祷: 郑鸥牧师

奉献: 485 这世界非我家


读经: 王超

经文: 雅各书 3:13-18

证道: 袁明芳传道

主题: 真正的智慧


387 主是我万有

祝福: 郑鸥牧师

报告: 郑鸥牧师

11 am International Service 27 September 2020

Call To Worship

Song: Won’t Stop Now

Song: I Want to Know You

Song: Nothing Else



Bible Reading: James 3:13-18


     Speaker: Mr. Gavin Leung

Song: Here Again



Dear CBC members,

Due to the restrictions which the NSW Government has put into place to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we are limited to 100 persons on the church property at any given time.

We have now recommenced limited physical worship services for all our congregations, each of which is also being live-streamed. To control numbers, currently physical attendance at these services is limited to only those who have been invited. If you would like to be invited, please contact the church office on admin@centralbaptist.org.au indicating which service you would like to be invited.

On 18/08/20 the media reported that the City of Sydney had been labelled a hotspot for the virus. However, NSW Health is only recommending that there should be increased surveillance and testing for COVID-19 for those from the Sydney East area, which does not include the area around CBC.

You can visit the area, though we encourage you to maintain physical distancing, good hygiene and wearing a mask when you cannot maintain a physical distance. CBC has a COVID Safety Plan in place which has been registered with NSW Health.

While some small group activities are being held on the church property, most are still meeting online.

Let’s continue to pray for each other and support each other during this difficult time. May God keep everyone safe and healthy, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Pastor Ken
Acting Senior Pastor