iCentralCorner Vol 4 – 180th Birthday Central Baptist Church

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Vol.4, 2016

Words From Editors

The aim of this issue is to review CBC history and look for the future. It is an impossible and uneasy task to collect the whole history of CBC. Though we have spent a lot of effort, we discover what we have done when compared with what God has performed to CBC is only like a sandy particle in the sea. Thanks to the pastoral team, leaders, brothers and sisters for their zeal and support so we can fin- ish this issue. Restricted by the number of pages, not all the articles can be published. We also regret that we didn’t get the photos from all fellowships, hence they are not in this issue.

180 years ago, Sydney was a place where prisoners were sent. CBC gives light to the place by spreading the Gospel here. Now Sydney is a bustling city, but the need for the Gospel is more urgent. The world nowadays is ever changing and the road ahead is still unclear. Since we have chosen God’s kingdom as our destination, let’s move on and continue our journey of faith, day and night. May the Holy Spirit who moved the brothers and sisters in CBC 180 years ago also works on us. May the fire of revival burn in CBC to become a bless- ing in Sydney and even to Australia, China and all over the world.

This is our prayer.

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