Sermons by Pastor Daniel Sin

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Pastor Daniel Sin graduated at Evangel Seminary in Hong Kong in June 2004. He then served the Lord as pastor for 3 years in an independent Church (Jiduwui Church), mainly responsible for youth ministry. In May 2008, Pastor Sin migrated to Australia with his wife and son. He joined the pastoral team at CBC in October 2008, ministering mainly to Cantonese youth and young adult ministries. Daniel Sin likes reading, cycling and sports activities. He also likes to chat with people.


2019年1月20日 -「新年願望」 上午九時粵語崇拜 講員:冼卓穎傳道 讀經:馬太福音 6:31-34;以弗所書 3:14-20



2018年10月28日 -「靈驗與真神」 上午九時粵語崇拜 講員:冼卓穎傳道 讀經:申命記 18:9-15;撒母耳記上 28:8-14;哥林多後書 11:14-15



2018年7月22日 -「在恩典中出發」 上午九時粵語崇拜 講員: 冼卓穎傳道 讀經:: 使徒行傳 13:13-16, 33, 38-48 講道: 「在恩典中出發」