10pm 14 October to 5am Monday 17 October

  • Construction will begin in Zone 9 (Liverpool to Goulburn), 10 (where we are), and 11 (Little Hay to Rawson Square) on Friday 10pm
  • During this time, the 3 zones are totally blocked out as the project team will establish the construction zone (moving those heavy equipment, machines etc)
  • No access to our church carpark during this period.
  • Advisable to use public transport this weekend, if possible. If driving is unavoidable, try to park at one of the nearby public carpark (e.g. Market City).

Post 17 October Monday

  • Access to carpark will be maintained
  • some impact to the pedestrian pathway

Opal Card – $200 prize!

  • The Sydney Light Rail Project Team is encouraging the use of public transport during the construction period, by giving away a chance to win $200 credit on your Opal Card by tap-on and tap-off from anywhere within Zone 9 to 11 during the construction period.
Access Map Of Sydney Light Rail Project

Access Map Of Sydney Light Rail Project