June was received into the membership of Central Baptist Church on 1st February, 1952 and was Office Secretary for a period during the ministry of Dr. Ernest Watson (1953 – 1955) when 72 were added to the membership.

After finishing Secondary School, June undertook a secretarial course at the then Technical College at Ultimo, and was employed in the N.S.W. Public Service at the Health Department.

Following Bible College and School Teacher training, June left for missionary service in the Sudan in 1957 with the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM). She was required to undertake language study in Arabic and later in French. After missionaries were unable to work in the Sudan, she moved to the Chad.

Prayer and Bible Study was held at Central Baptist Church on Wednesday evenings under the leadership of the Pastor. I can recall June using her French Bible at the meetings conducted by Rev. Edward Yu and Rev. Frank Starr.

I can also recall June parking outside the Church in George Street while she came into the building to collect something she needed to assist her at Back to the Bible ministry!

June’s ministry at Central Baptist Church included serving as a Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, Scripture in School Teacher, Chair- man of the Missionary Committee when she encouraged the young people to become involved, Bible Study and Prayer Meeting leader on Wednesday evenings when not conducted by a Pastor, and Prayer Convener on Sunday morning prior to the Worship Services.

The monthly International Fellowship meet- ing was held on Saturday afternoon in the lounge room as well as at various homes. I can recall June sharing her knowledge of Is- lam and answering questions.

June cared for her mother during her final years which nearly reached 100.

Of late, June was finding it difficult to cope and thanks are expressed to the people who helped her in various ways, including trans- port to and from Church Services.
Thanks are also expressed to Viola Chao for her loving concern which resulted in her finding that June has been “Called Home”. Many today thank the Lord for the opportunity of knowing June, and we express our sympathy to her brother, Alan and his family.

June in her own quiet way, left a legacy of kindness and love upon the lives of those she touched. It did not matter whether young or old, June showed genuine interest and care in those she encountered.

I asked around those who belonged to the “younger” generation who have known her of their impressions and memories of her, and I hope I can represent their thoughts well. There are several themes or words that kept recurring through the recollections of her that I had collated.

Generous – June was a giver. When she spent time with you, she gave of herself, her time and her love. Often- times, after sharing with her some situation or thought or story, she would come up after church the following week and give something from her collection that related to whatever we had spoken to her about. When I told her about the High School students at church and what they were learning, she brought a large of several hand-written song lyrics from her days of teaching children and suggested that I might have more use of them than she would. She would bring articles that she had come across from conversations we have had, or books that were of help to us.
Caring – June was always looking out for others, and had the habit of taking extra church bulletins or sermon notes for friends she knew were unable to attend the service that week. She would mail them off so that they, too, could enjoy the worship in some way. June would look out for those who were at church for the first time, and talk with them to put them at ease. She would always sit with the newcomers at lunch where she could, and keep them company. June would also make a special effort o keep in touch with those who did not have a Christian background, and would call from time to time to see how they were going. June had the habit of remembering things that have been mentioned in the course of conversation, and she would ask about the details the following week. June would remember birthdays and write a card for the occasion.

Thankful – So many things in life can be disappointing, and can get us down. Not so with June. Wilson and Lily,who drove June to Church almost every Sunday for the past few years have testified to a life of thankful- ness and joy in the Lord that has turned every occasion for complaint into an opportunity of thankfulness and praise. Things that for many of us, may seem small or insignificant, but to June, they were a testimony of God’s amazing blessing and keeping – like being helped off the bus by a driver, or being able to catch up with family and friends. June was a reminder to us that God was not just the God of the big miracles and the spectacular things – but He was God of the small blessings that we so easily forget about.
Prayerful – June was known around the church as a “prayer warrior”. While age prevented her from being very active in many things, she would take home all the prayer bulletins and the conversations of the day, and the ministries of the church and pray for them. This quiet but powerful partnership no doubt sustained many-a-ministry and encouraged many who served God both at home, and around the world.

There are so many more things that could be said about June, but time would not permit at this point. It would suffice to say that many of us would miss her dearly – her presence, her joyfulness and the genuine way she cared for people around her. There is one less saint here in our midst, but our loss is Heaven’s gain – and there she will remain in the presence of the Holy One – free of pain, suffering, and the effects of age, safe at last. And when we, when our time comes to cross that bridge in Jesus Christ, we shall meet again in the presence of the King of Kings.